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How to determine your Mach4, SmartBOB plug-in and SmartBOB firmware version

One of the first questions we will ask you when trouble-shooting a Mach4/PMDX-SmartBOB issue is what version of Mach4, PMDX-SmartBOB plug-in and SmartBOB firmware you are running.  You can find all of this information in a few handy places:

(1) When running Mach4, go to the "Diagnostic" menu and select the "PMDX-SmartBOB-USB".


(2) When running Mach4, go to the "Configure" menu and select "Plugins..." and then select the "PMDX SmartBOB-USB".  This is slightly different in older versions of Mach4  - go to the "Configure" menu and select "Plugins...".  This will displa the"Configure Plugins" dialog.  Look for the "PMDX-SmartBOB-USB" line and click on the "Configure" button.


(3) Exit Mach4 (if you were running it).  Open Windows Explorer or My Computer and navigate to the Mach4Hobby directory, usually C:\Mach4Hobby.  Then change into the "Profiles" directory.  Then change into the directory for the profile that you are using.  For example, if your profile name is MyMillProfile, you will go to:


Look for a file named "PMDXVersionInfo.txt".  That contains all of the information displayed in (1) and (2) above.

As of our plug-in version 0.44.214 (Jul 2016), that information looks something like this:

Tue Aug 02 14:49:07 2016
Mach4 Build#: 2914
Screen Set: wx4.set
PMDX SmartBOB-USB Device: PMDX-416 [Rev A PCB] on COM4
PMDX SmartBOB-USB Serial Number: SN99999
PMDX SmartBOB-USB Plug-In Version: 0.44.214
PMDX SmatBOB-USB BootLoader Version: 1.13.73
PMDX SmartBOB-USB Firmware Version: 0.51.178


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