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Where do I find the "Machine.ini" configuration file?

Sometimes we will ask you to send us your Mach4 profile configuration file (i.e. "Machine.ini").  This file is stored in your Mach4 profile directory.

For example, say your Mach4 profile is named "MySmartBOB-Sample" (because you DID copy the sample SmartBOB profile before editing it, didn't you?).  And furthermore, presume that you installed Mach4 Hobby in the default directory of C:\Mach4Hobby.  In that case,  your configuration file will be here:


You can send this to us using the "Attachments and other options" link at the bottom of the forum edit window.  Or, if you don't want to post your configuration file in public, contact us to arrange to send it via email (click on our user name to send a private message or contact us at the email address listed on the "Contact Us" page of our main web site).

**BUT AN EVEN BETTER WAY** Usually when we ask for your configuration file, we will ask for your entire profile.  This allows us to see any macros/Lua code that you may be running.  As of Mach4 build 2580 (Jul 2015), Mach4 has a "package" facility that collects all of the files related to your profile and puts them into a single file that you can then sent to us.

Go to the Mach4 "Help" menu and select "support" and then select "Package Current Profile".  Mach4 will prompt you for where to save this file, and it usually defaults to the main Mach4Hobby directory.

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2016-09-11 06:41 Bob

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